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When I originally decided to pursue a Pet Services business I first had to acknowledge that passion and drive are not the only required traits of an entrepreneur.  I needed guidance in order to make my dream come true.  I reached out to SCORE which is a nonprofit association who helps small businesses get off the ground.  I signed up for one-on-one mentoring, and with great trepidation I met with my assigned mentor a few weeks later.

Dr. Whitney shook my hand, listened to all my plans, hopes and concerns and then he set me on a path to achieve all I wanted to and more.  I knew nothing about starting an LLC, and as he and I met time and time again he helped me with everything from government requirements to marketing.  He became not only my mentor, but someone I had come to admire and rely on.

During one particular session, Dr. Whitney told me the attributes of a successful entrepreneur.  One of them was the support of family and friends. Now THAT I had in spades.  As I mulled over the other traits he had mentioned, I kept coming back to “framily” encouragement.  If a business could solely be successful based only on the love and championship of friends and family then Humphrey’s Leash Brigade, LLC was about to become a billion dollar enterprise.

I have learned a lot about myself and about business practices over the past couple of months, but the most important thing I have concluded is something I already knew- that my friends and family are the most amazing bunch of people to ever grace this planet and I am the luckiest girl in the world.  How many entrepreneurs start a venture with no support at all?  How many wade through the tedium of regulations and start up processes without a willing ear to grumble to?  How many don’t get a heaping helpful assortment of feedback, advice and assistance from a loving source?  And here I was blessed with all of these advantages because of the phenomenally supportive people in my life.

This blog is for the friends and family I so greatly love- you guys are my everything and I can’t thank you enough for your compassion, confidence and inspiration.  Humphrey’s Leash Brigade, LLC is a reality because of YOU.  And it will be a success because of you.




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