Chelly and Humphrey
Chelly and Humphrey

Thank you so much for stopping by Humphrey’s Leash Brigade, LLC!  I’m so happy you are here at our website.  We have so much to offer your pets and would love if you would join our brigade and let us pamper your beloved family members.

My name is Michelle Bosworth Fousek which is a mouthful, so please just call me Nanny Chelly.  🙂

I started Humphrey’s Leash Brigade, LLC because I myself had a need for a caregiver for my dogs (Murphy and Larry) when I was unable to be home.

I was enjoying a career in the commercial real estate world as a Commission Accountant, but it took me away from my dogs during the day and it stressed me out knowing they were alone 10-12 hours at a time.  Although they had a doggy door, and could come and go as they pleased, I knew what they would really love was some sort of human interaction midway through the day- someone to pet them, throw the ball, take them for a walk, cuddle with them on the couch, give them a little dog treat and generally just love on them.

Evening events came up on some weekdays too- dinner with friends, work functions, family get-togethers- and this stressed me out also. How could I possibly leave my dogs all day while I was at work and then all evening while I went out?  Impossible.  I tried to move as many things as I could to the weekends, but I hated leaving my babies then too.  On more occasions than I can count I bemoaned the fact that I didn’t have someone on hand that I could ring up and say, “Hey, can you go check on my dogs? Give them a doggy cookie and take them for a quick walk?”  On the weekends I simply wanted to be able to text that person and say, “I need you to sit with Murf and Larry for about 3 hours while I attend an event on Saturday.  Can you come over and watch a movie with them?”

Then it dawned on me one day… why couldn’t I myself be that person?  That “on-demand-cuddle-professional” who spills over with love and can’t wait to pamper dogs and cats and any other animal simply because it makes her happy?  I realized I wanted a ME!  And if I wanted that, why wouldn’t someone else want that too?

That’s when the idea of Humphrey’s Leash Brigade, LLC was born.

So when you’re staying late at the office, or you’re away for the day, or there’s an emergency, you want to have complete peace of mind that you can reach out to Humphrey’s and Nanny Chelly will come take care of your pet as lovingly as I take care of my own babies.

In-home pet sitting is also a big comfort to those who don’t like sending their dogs to doggy day care while the human(s) are at work. Although the interaction and socialization with other dogs is nice at a day care facility, there is always the risk of dog bites/fights, transmittal of sickness (such as kennel cough) and the stress of being away from home.  Your dog may be the ideal candidate for daily visits from Humphrey’s if they prefer their own familiar surroundings, one-on-one attention from a caregiver, walks around their neighborhood and lots and lots of hugs and kisses.


Why hire Humphrey’s Leash Brigade?

Because we are:

  • Pet CPR / First Aid Certified
  • Bonded & Insured
  • Pet Sitters Associates, LLC Member
  • Trustworthy & Honest
  • Detailed, Motivated, Organized & Punctual

Let us take the burden and stress from your life when it comes to pet care & companionship.
We’re here for you.