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Welcome to Humphrey’s Leash Brigade!

Humphrey’s Leash Brigade, LLC is your premier pet concierge! We offer dog walking, pet sitting, doggy baths, poo pick up and pet taxi service.
At Humphrey’s, we like to do whatever your pet likes to do! Play ball? Go for a walk? Pets & snuggles? We love all those things too! We are Pet CPR / First Aid Certified, Bonded & Insured, a Pet Sitters Associates, LLC Member, and completely Trustworthy & Honest. We will always treat your pets with the utmost care, respect and love. Humphrey’s offers a free in-home consultation and we currently service the amazing community of Ahwatukee. Let us take the burden and stress from your life when it comes to pet care & companionship. We’re here for you.

Dog Walking

Dogs should be exercised at least 30 minutes a day. A daily dog walk by Nanny Chelly will help get your pet’s energy out and relieve you after a long day at work!

About Us

At Humphrey’s Leash Brigade, we like to do whatever your pet likes to do!
Play ball? Go for a walk? Pets & snuggles?
Learn why we do what we do.

Pet Sitting

Whether you are going out of town, or just need someone to visit your pet while you are at work, it would be our honor to give your pet lots of love while you are away!

We Help Pet Parents…

  • Relax knowing that their home and pets are safe and secure with Nanny Chelly.
  • Keep your pets on schedule and maintain routines.
  • Eliminate your stress of rushing home from work to let the dog out.
  • Help your pet maintain good health with exercise and live longer healthier lives.
  • Eliminate loneliness your pet feels with play time.

I have known Chelly Bosworth for several years.  She has always been sincere, honest and worked very hard to do the best in any project she undertook.  I am happy to recommend her!

William J.

Chelly Bosworth is easily the most enthusiastic dog-person I have ever met. She is compassionate and very knowledgeable about dogs, and I know from first-hand experience that she has a strong, reliable work ethic. You can trust that your furry children are in good hands when you hire her!

Chelsey C.

Pets seem to instinctively know Nanny Chelly loves them and they can trust her. She is an excellent "dog mom", and she showers her babies with love and devoted attention to their needs. Chelly is the first choice for many friends and relatives needing care for their pets because they know she will care for them as if they were her own. You can put your mind at ease when you put your pets in Nanny Chelly's loving care.

Thelma B.


Humphrey’s Leash Brigade sets a new standard of care for those seeking a quality company to provide care for their pets!  I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to know your fur family is in good hands!  That’s exactly what you can expect from Chelly, the owner of Humphrey’s Leash Brigade.  I have known Chelly for over 10 years and have trusted her to care for my pets.  With my job, I’ve often been required to be away for many days.  Knowing Chelly is there to care for my fur babies has alleviated much of my stress.  In addition, I come home to happy, healthy pets that didn’t have to experience the stress of a shelter.  She truly treats pets like family and showers them with the love and compassion they deserve. She really goes above and beyond the call of duty with them.  Whether you’re looking for a daily dog walker or a pet sitter, Chelly and Humphrey’s Leash Brigade will exceed your expectations!  I know they’ve exceeded mine!

Whitney C.

Chelly is a natural for running a business dedicated to animals. I have never met anybody who has demonstrated more love and care for pets, not only hers but those of others. There seems to be a special connection between Chelly and animals that is hard to explain. I have never seen her treat a pet with anything but love and they always seem to treat her the same. Chelly is an extremely hard and dedicated worker regardless of the job she is confronted with, and she has always given more of her time and expertise than asked for. Those who engage her services will be well rewarded.

Thomas F.

Chelly loves all animals and has had a lot of experience giving TLC to her dogs, my dogs, and anyone else's dogs. I am especially amazed at how dogs love Chelly... she seems to have a special connection with them.

Verline R.

Chelly is the most driven, attentive and compassionate woman I've ever met. She strives to go above and beyond her work duties by putting her heart and soul into everything she does. Her fondness for animals is abundant, and she never walks past a four legged animal without at least saying hello. She's cared for my pug Kyo, who was very distressed in my absence and couldn't control his bladder. Although this might have frustrated the average person, Chelly was very patient with Kyo and kept comforting him. No one has the amount of love and passion Chelly has for animals.

Maddy C.

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